Experience and Getting What You Want Working in a Home Based Business

They say that experience is the best teacher. How many times have I heard that you need experience to be successful in network marketing and the home based business industry? So many people start with good intentions but experience tells me that once they get in the game they usually drop the ball just before the finish line. Then they are off to another game to start all over again.Experience in network marketing and the home based business industry is what you get when you get what you don’t want. Most people want to become successful when they start network marketing and have passion about the product or service they are going to offer people. They can’t understand why everyone they know doesn’t see it the way they do and struggle with recruiting and finding customers for their products.They become experienced by getting what they don’t want and they learn by doing what doesn’t work. How many times in your network marketing company have you heard to make up a list of all of your friends and family who you think would want to start a home business or who you can tell about your network marketing home based business? We all know that experience tells us that your friends and family won’t join you in your network marketing business. What about when you are just starting out? How are you going to get the experience you need in your home business if you don’t start telling people about your network marketing company?Network marketing is about bringing people together and your experience is something that can be good or bad depending on how you are marketing your home business. Some people have a great warm market and will follow you into the gates of hell just because you said there is a prize just beyond the horizon. That is your warm market of people who like you, trust you and more importantly believe in you. Well how do you get those people to do that? Your experience at success must be demonstrated to those who are going to fork over their cash and become part of your network marketing home business organization.Sometimes when you find someone who joins your home based business you want to give him or her all of your experience so they don’t make the same mistakes you do. There are those that will embrace this approach and others who just want to know what to do. I find the ones who just want me to tell them what to do never take the time to bring their own experience into the network marketing home business and just want the easy way to become a success. Well there is no easy way to become a success in network marketing unless you gain the experience of failure or at least the experience of hitting the ground and scrapping up your knees so to say.Working from home in a home business using the network marketing business model can be a challenge at times but the rewards are great. You know, when launching the space shuttle most of the energy it takes to get the rocket off the ground is at the start of the lift off. What would happen if NASA decided that it should stop the momentum of the ship and shut down the engines just as the rocket starting lifting off? For most people in the home based network marketing business that is something that they usually experience.They shut down the engines just before lift off and move to another company that promises less resistance at lift off. The truth is each company has the same challenges at the beginning when launching. If you want to reap the rewards of working from home in your own home based business then be prepared to put all of your effort into the take off because as your ship gains momentum, the amount of effort to get into outer space becomes less and less until you are floating effortlessly amongst the stars.

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